Real Valladolid and Kappa release sponsor-less shirt


Real Valladolid, a La Liga 2 team, has embraced the idea that a football shirt, devoid of sponsors, can be a fashion statement. Collaborating with Kappa, the team has allowed their purple home shirt to shine without any commercial endorsements.

Kappa has been making waves lately, particularly with the recent launch of Pompeii and the impressive collections for Venezia FC and FC Athens Kallithea earlier this year. The brand is establishing itself as a formidable disruptor in the world of sports apparel.

The partnership with Real Valladolid adds another dimension to Kappa's portfolio. Initially, the kit was released with sponsors, but now both home and away versions are available in a clean, sponsor-free design. These kits not only showcase the intricate designs without distractions but also feature long sleeves embellished with the iconic golden Kappa Omini in a Banda formation running down each arm.

The home shirt pays homage to a significant moment in the team's history—their victory in the League Cup on June 30, 1984. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of this triumph, the kit boasts a retro design, complete with a stylish collar execution and golden embellishments in the branding.

On the other hand, the away shirt, designed by artist Félix Rodríguez, aka 'Mr. Zé,' showcases a distinctive tonal purple graphic that spans the entire body, front and back. What sets it apart is the absence of the 'Estrella Galicia' sponsor, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the shirt in its pure form, undisturbed by commercial elements.

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