Art of Football’s 'Button-Down Under' highlights favourite World Cup moments


Art of Football have officially launched the 'AOF Button-Down Under' shirt to commemorate the unforgettable moments that defined the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Renowned for transforming the highlights of football into dynamic streetwear, AoF was immersed in the World Cup action, crafting this shirt in real-time as the events unfolded. The outcome represents AoF's most responsive creation to date: an off-white Cuban-style shirt adorned with 22 iconic moments from the tournament, meticulously woven into the fabric through an astounding 200,000 stitches and eight hours of embroidery per shirt. 

These moments encompass; Hannah Wilkinson's historic goal for New Zealand in the tournament opener, marking New Zealand's first-ever World Cup victory, the pioneering moment when Morocco's Nouhaila Benzina became the first player to wear the Hijab at a World Cup, Zambia's Barbra Banda scoring the 1000th goal in Women's World Cup history and plenty more.

Starting as a blank canvas when the tournament kicked off in July, this unique shirt has transformed into a snapshot of sporting history. The 'AOF Button-Down Under' encapsulates everything that AOF represents: inspiration, celebration, inclusivity, and unity. It's now available as part of a limited collection of highly sought-after pieces.

Debra Nelson, an AOF ambassador, expressed, "What an extraordinary tournament. It was an honour to be part of this journey with Art of Football - we encountered numerous players, fans, and communities that define women's football today. I'm immensely proud to have played a small role in creating the AOF Button-Down Under with the team - it's the perfect way to celebrate this historic tournament for women's football worldwide."

The 'AOF Button-Down Under' shirt serves as the centrepiece of AOF's inaugural lifestyle collection, which debuted at the commencement of the World Cup. This collection celebrates the players, fans, and communities of women's football, featuring items like the 'Weigman Track Pants,' 'Big Kick Energy Jersey,' 'Russo Tee,' and 'Down Under Jacket.' It bridges the realms of football and fashion, offering fans the chance to purchase these items.


Purchase the collection on Art of Football.

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