Ian Wright opens new pitch at his old primary school in SE London

Tom Williams



Ian Wright has opened a new pitch at his old primary school in South East London, dedicated to his late friend and Arsenal hero David Rocastle.

The pitch is overlooked by the estate ‘Rocky and Wrighty’ grew up on, and began their journey into legends together.

Ian Wright was joined by members of David Rocastle’s family to reveal the new small-sided 3G football turf pitch at Turnham Academy.

The new floodlit all-weather facilities will be game-changing for children at the school and people in the wider community. They will now have access to a quality, safe and inclusive place to play all-year round, whatever the weather.

The ‘Rocky & Wrighty Arena’ is the first steps in ‘FC FUTURES’; a new $10 million commitment from EA Sports FC to fund grassroots sport and make the game a more equal and accessible space

Emma Hayes joined Ian Wright to open the new pitch, with the duo becoming the first FC FUTURES ambassadors who will work with EA SPORTS to provide further support for grassroots football.

The new pitch was funded by the Premier League, The FA and Government’s Football Foundation and EA SPORTS.

Speaking on the pitch opening, Ian Wright said: “This is where football starts, right here in our communities and investing in the game is a crucial step toward advancing global football. That starts with providing kids access to much-needed facilities in order for them to be able to play as much as possible in safe, local spaces. I’m grateful my old school can play a part in the future of football, and it’s an honour to be involved.”

Photography by Mark Robinson.

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