SOFY’s guide to an unaesthetic match day in Leicester




We're on a quest to explore everything that a football fan would enjoy on game day. For our second guide in the 'Home Days' series, we got SOFY, to show us what’s good around Leicester.

Everyone has a little sweet spot for Leicester (unless you're a Forest fan of course). After an enthralling campaign which led to an unexpected title race for the Premier League in 2016, we’re all secret Leciester fans who would love to see them dominate the league again. Just one more time for the armchair fans, please. Anyway, We weren’t sure what’s good in Leicester for football fans who go to watch The Foxes, but we knew someone who does. SOFY show’s us where’s good on matchday. 

Once you’ve wet the whistle then take a leisurely stroll down to the King Power, obviously line your stomach with a Pukka Pie from one of the stunning kebab shop options on the way

Early pint in town to get in the mood and so you can avoid parking anywhere near the ground, any open sports bar will do, bonus points if you’re the only person in there

Don’t forget to pick up your bootleg merch before you get into the ground!! Scarf with a stretched out PNG of Jamie Vardy’s face on it is scientifically proven to get you more Hinge matches!

Put your bet on next to the iconic Filbert Way sign for good luck - would recommend betting on the away team to win to soften the blow if we lose

Make sure you get the money shot whilst you’re picking up your programme and trying to down your road tinnie before you go inside.


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