LEGACIES is taking football and fashion into the future


Partnering with iconic European football clubs such as Juventus, Inter, and Benfica, LEGACIES embarked on a mission to honour the unparalleled legacy of football by seamlessly combining fashion, technology, and the passion of football.

At the heart of LEGACIES' uniqueness lies the integration of the innovative ML3 chip, discreetly embedded within the neck label of every garment. This tiny marvel opens the doors to a realm of exclusive club benefits, ranging from coveted match day tickets to global VIP experiences. By connecting this label with the dedicated LEGACIES app, product owners gain unparalleled access to the world of Club LEGACIES.

LEGACIES' journey commences with some of Europe's most celebrated football clubs: Juventus, Inter, and Benfica. For fans, this signifies more than just adorning themselves in team colours; it's a proclamation of unwavering support for their beloved clubs while enjoying the myriad benefits offered by LEGACIES' technologically advanced garments.

Behind the scenes, LEGACIES boasts an in-house creative team dedicated to crafting designs that are not mere apparel but narratives woven from each club's rich history. Their aim is to create designs that resonate with fans worldwide, telling stories that truly matter. These designs are revolutionary, allowing supporters to proudly exhibit their club affiliations wherever life takes them, whether on or off the field.

But the LEGACIES story doesn’t end here. Looking into the future, LEGACIES has set its sights on expanding its offerings in early 2024. Enthusiasts of English and other European football clubs can eagerly anticipate embracing the fusion of fashion and technology in the upcoming wave of releases from LEGACIES.

For those seeking more information, updates, and exclusive sneak peeks: LEGACIES.com

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