Who is Dide?

Tom Williams



The anonymous rapper caused an unrivalled stir when they first took to the scene, revealing themselves to be a PL baller as well as an upcoming artist.

Embroiled in intrigue, football fans all over the world were attempting to guess who could be behind the floral metallic mask. Although the identity of Dide is still completely concealed, what can’t be argued upon is their musical ability.

Now releasing the track and accompanying music video for “Cold City”, intrigue and admiration are set to hit fever pitch around the artist.

PENALTY were lucky enough to shoot the enigmatic rapper, gaining insight on the process behind his latest single in the process.

Speaking exclusively to PENALTY, Dide said: “Cold City was written at the time where I just thinking about how cold the world has become, the weather, the poverty, the crime, the list goes on. It’s more of a cultural song rather than just trying to make a banger. I see some of the conditions we’re in, inside our community. There’s a lot more we need to do altogether to create a better environment, for our families and future generations.”

Photography: Jonathan Tomlinson

Stylist: Paolo Caseeb

Assistant: Jonny Costello

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