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Jonathan Tomlinson

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Leicester-raised rising star, SOFY, started work on her rapidly growing collection of head-bobbing, foot-tapping tracks just last year. In less than 12 months, she has organically built a cult following of enthused fans who swept up tickets and made her first headline show in London. A born and bred Leicester fan with a collection of football shirts that would make any football fan proud, we couldn’t wait to meet her.

In celebration of her latest EP, ‘Bored in Colour (Pt.1)’ which has now launched on all platforms, we asked SOFY if she’d put together a playlist of her favourite pre-match tracks. She came up with some total bangers.

Talk us through what has inspired you musically.

I’m mainly inspired by people. I’m super fascinated by relationships and the way we interact with each other, everything is so nuanced depending on personality and circumstance so it means there’s an infinite pool of inspiration to draw upon. I get most of my song concepts from conversations with mates or drama I’ve overheard at the pub or on the tube or something. Above all I just want my tunes to be an authentic reflection of life in your 20s, so I hope you can see a bit of yourself or your friends or that dickhead ex in my songs.

You only started your journey a year ago, how’s it going?

I feel like things are going really well, thank you for asking! I’ve been super lucky to have packed lots into the last year and I’m just having the best time ever with it all. I’m really good mates with everyone who’s been involved in the project so it never feels like work, it’s always just felt like friends having a laugh and I hope that never changes to be honest. To think that 18 months ago I had never written a song before and I’m now about to release my debut EP, play a sold-out headline show and head off on the festival circuit in summer is mental! 

What was a better feeling…Leicester winning the prem or Strawberry Milkshake reaching 100,000 listens? 

Leicester winning the prem probably, but ask me again when Strabws hits a mil! 

What vibe have you gone for with the playlist you’ve created for us? 

It’s a pre-show / matchday playlist - all the tunes that gass me up and get me in the mood. It starts off a bit more laid back and then ends with some nostalgic britpop bangers - and I obviously had to close it with Chelsea Dagger ‘coz it reminds me of watching Leicester score when I was a kid (even though it was rare back then).

What football player past or present would you like to see going crazy for your music at your gig?

Can I pick two? I’d wanna have 90s Paul Gascoigne with Jordan Pickford on his shoulders (like this). Imagine them chanting the chorus to Lads it would be ICONIC!!!

Tell us about the shirts you’re wearing in these photos. 

These shirts are all made by Vulfco, a brand based up in Leeds. Whenever I perform live I always wear football shirts but I refuse to wear any UK team shirts other than Leicester or England, so I was on the hunt for some other options and came across them. I was immediately obsessed so I bought one to wear for a show back in October and then we sort of became mates through instagram. They’ve kitted me out for a couple more shows afterwards which was so nice of them. I love supporting independent brands and these guys are my number one fave, I love all the colours and shapes they use. I’d love to team up to design a SOFY football strip one day.

Has football inspired any of your music/lyrics? 

There’s a line in Game Over, one of the tracks from my EP, that talks about watching Leicester lose to West Ham in the context of a relationship which is a pretty niche reference. 

If you could sell out any football stadium, what would it be?

I know I should say the King Power but I can’t lie it’s definitely Wembley.

Listen to Bored In Colour (Pt.1) here.

Photography: Jonathan Tomlinson

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