New Balance Releases a New Chapter in Its ‘We Got Now’ Campaign

Tom Williams



New Balance have unveiled the latest instalment of its global ‘We Got Now’ campaign.

The 15 and 30-second spots features English and newly-signed Chelsea star Raheem Sterling, alongside his England teammate and Arsenal’s main man, Bukayo Saka.

The new spot is intended to highlight the joy of their craft in more everyday moments - not just when they’re lighting up the world’s biggest stages.

New Balance’s latest message is that they are a firm believer in the power of now, and ‘We Got Now’ hopes to be a rallying cry for a global generation to fearlessly redefine themselves in pursuit of their passions.

Now is the time to energise culture and create positive action, without waiting for permission. Through its relationships with athletes and ambassadors who aren’t afraid to change the game, challenge the system, and encourage others to do the same, New Balance wants to empower everyone to live life on their own terms, always in the now.

“Through the continuation of our ‘We Got Now’ campaign, New Balance is challenging our ambassadors, athletes, and fans to come together in fun and meaningful ways,” says Chris Davis, CMO and senior vice president of merchandising.

“When we allow ourselves the freedom to play in settings authentic to ourselves, there’s a liberating energy that comes from moving our bodies, showing off our skills, and doing something - whatever it may be - that we truly love.” This latest instalment of the ‘We Got Now’ campaign was concepted and produced with VMLY&R, a global full-service marketing agency based in New York City. ‘We Got Now’ will live globally on

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