Sam Cornish takes us on a tour of Tottenham

Sam Cornish



We're on a quest to explore everything that a football fan would enjoy on game day. For our inaugural guide in the 'Home Days' series, we got Spurs fan, Sam Cornish, to show us what’s good around the local area.

Many tourists flood to the capital every year to see the great teams that fill the Premier League. It’s been said that Manchester United are still the undefeated champion of fans globally. Still, as times change and new figures step up and make history for their respective clubs, we see home country flags pop up in stadiums around the UK. For Spurs, if the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium isn’t enough to get tourists flooding in, then their number 7, Son Heung-min, is certainly doing that with his Korean fanbase regularly travelling to show their support.

Sam took us to some of his favourite North London gaffs before the game.

Enjoy Cafe

A no-fuss caff on the High Road filled with match-going fans, friendly staff and generous portions. A perfect addition to your walk to the ground from Seven Sisters. Cheap and cheerful, even if the football isn't. 

No. 8 Tottenham

Sam’s favourite pre-game pub, especially during the warmer months. You won't find any craft beer, but you are guaranteed big vibes in their beer garden if you're looking for that atmosphere and buzz before the match.

The Corner Pin

Sitting on the corner where the old ticket office used to be. This Beavertown flagship is a nice addition to the High Road with a big screen out back televising the other games and plenty of tasty beers to wet your beak with.

The Goal Line Bar

Europe's longest bar sits beneath the largest single-tier stand in the country hosting a cool 17,500 fans. Surprisingly even with all of these people, you'll never have to wait long to be served and it's been a complete game changer to facilitating the often much-needed half-time pint. Not having to sacrifice minutes either side of the whistle is a blessing.

Beavertown x Tottenham

The new White Hart Lane is the first stadium in the world to have its own micro-brewery and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love to see it. Pouring all of your Beavertown favourites, as well as collaboration beers such as "Own Of Our Own", brewed just for Spurs at White Hart Lane.

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