28 unveils its debut collection


'28' has unveiled its debut collection as it joins the competitive landscape of fashion brands within the streetwear realm. In a bold move, '28' introduces "Drop 1" for the upcoming high Summer season of 2023.

Founder and Creative Director of '28', Louis Tomlinson, collaborates with a talented team of creatives, including photographer Jon Gorrigan and stylist Helen Seamons, to present this inaugural collection with a carefully curated visual identity rooted in authenticity.

'Drop 1' embodies the street-level influence that defines the entire collection. It draws inspiration from diverse urban settings, such as football pitches and skateparks, where the fusion of premium luxury and streetwear aesthetics takes centre stage. The iconic '28' branding makes a prominent return, paying homage to a passion for the beautiful game.

The collection showcases a variety of pieces that blend high-end luxury with streetwear sensibilities. From soft, luxurious roll-neck lightweight tops reminiscent of golf attire to monogrammed anoraks and heavyweight plush jersey hoodies, the range caters to a wide range of tastes and styles. This collection plays with the subtleties of aspiration and influence, inviting consumers to interpret and adapt its pieces to modern wardrobes. It seamlessly combines thrift shop chic silhouettes with luxury fabrics, all while carrying a deep emotional connection to Louis Tomlinson's past.

These silhouette highlights are perfect for the summer season, and the collection's versatility is evident in its geometric logo designs applied cleverly across various colourways, including green, black, and neutrals. These looks will effortlessly transition your wardrobe into autumn.

In this first drop, you'll find sport-inspired pieces alongside essential staples, featuring '28's distinct logo on the front of each tee and larger-scale designs on the back of football jerseys. Nylon Anorak jackets are paired with matching joggers, ideal for summer adventures. To complete 'drop 1,' '28' offers a selection of summer-ready accessories, including staple caps and socks.

Drop 1 is now available for purchase on 28clothing.com.

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