Tracks for the Terraces: Chappaqua Wrestling

Jonathan Tomlinson

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Lifelong Brighton supporters, Jake Maccy and Charlie Woods have a long history together of supporting the Seagulls. From growing up together in Brighton, to later forming their current project Chappaqua Wrestling in 2017 in Manchester, when I meet the lads in South London, they talk about having tickets for the Palace game on Friday night along with some back and forth about how their season was going so far. For the Seagulls and Chappaqua Wrestling in 2022, the only way is up. Jake tells me how he has a superstition that when the band has a good year, Brighton will follow suit and so far the stars are lining up.

Championed by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6, the band have been played by the likes of Annie Mac and Steve Lamacq. Support from Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders has also seen the band being invited to play sessions and Abbey Road Studios – something every musician dreams of. With their extensive music knowledge combined, we asked Charlie and Jake to piece us together a PENALTY Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

What does the club mean to you? 

For us it’s home. It’s also a constant, something that’s grown as we’ve grown. From being young lads at the withdean to then growing up and seeing the team in the prem. It’s like our brother!

Do you remember your first game to see Brighton? 

J: My first game was as a baby in arms at Goldstone, which of course I didn’t remember. My first game I really took in was Hartlepool but I was probably about 6 or 7. Took me a few until about 12 to actually get into it (understand it).

C: I was 7 years old at my first game with dad at the Withdean stadium against Wrexham. I remember it well as it was also the first night I ever had a Mars Bar dark chocolate, which thankfully aren’t made any more. Almost ruined the game.

You both have families who moved to Brighton from other countries. Any other teams within your families? 

J: My dad’s a Scot. He’s a huge St. Johnstone fan. They are at the bottom of Scottish prem

C: Lived in New York as a child, so had to get our BHAFC action from budget dvds sent from family. That’s real love.

All time favourite Brighton players? 

J: Vicente, Kuipers, Zamora, El Abd & I think Maupay might become one of my favourites

Ok, all time favourite players? 

J: Zamora.

C: Lamptey 

Have they inspired you in any way creatively? 

J: I’d like to think so, but probably not. Hard to incorporate that Good Old Sussex by the Sea melody. I used to work at the stadium when we started playing in a band together so maybe some ideas were formed selling pies and pints, but also probably not.

You have a track called Football. What’s that about? 

C: Sadly its relevance to football is only to American football .. and not even the sport. I thought that it sounded like American Football (the band) when first demoing it, and the name Football was its first bounce when I sent it to the guys. It just stuck! 

Is there any link between playing a gig in front of lots of people and going to watch Brighton as fan?

J: Not any conscious link. But there is something special about a mass of people all watching one thing which has always moved me. Football is like watching a battle but watching an artist live is more of an act.

If you could headline any football stadium, what would it be? 

Amex. Fenwick Park also, but that’s baseball.

Have any of your tracks been played in a football stadium?

Yes we had a few tags of teams having us on the playlist at halftime. Loved to see it!

If you two could be in charge of what track becomes the new England national anthem ahead of the World Cup this year, what would you choose?

Chin Up by Rhythm Method

Give Chappaqua Wrestling a follow.

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