The Shortlist: Our Wardrobe Picks for June


Football and fashion have forever been intrinsically linked. From the football casual era of the 80s, to today, where large fashion houses are producing football-based clothing inspired by the kits of years gone by. In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge rise in football hitting the mainstream and we’re certainly here for it. This month we went on a hunt for the teams and brands that are doing it right. Here are a few bits we love this month…

Released today and although not available to purchase (yet, anyway), both home and away kits are the release of the new season so far. Designed by Icarus and GOALSTUDIO and sponsored by INDIVISA, these shirts are something from a 90s footballing dream. Follow the East London legends to see the kits in full.

Photography by Serena Brown.

Art of Football is back with a killer summer collection that’s undoubtedly about to become the most recognisable piece of clothing around every festival this summer. Taking inspiration from some of the most recognised kits in the history of the game, we’re absolutely loving AoF’s take on the classics. The shirts and hats will be available to purchase here.

Nike and Athletico Madrid unveil their new Home and Away Jerseys for the 2022/23 season. The wavy stripes are inspired by the river meanders where the team’s old stomping ground, the Vicente Calderón, used to be. It’s hard for any team who play in stripes to altar their design dramatically, but for Athletico and Nike they’ve got it spot on and this year's kit is one they’ll want to be remembered in.

SETTPACE are back once again with their tried and tested concepts. This time it’s England and Burberry that they’ve linked for the bespoke concept creation. As the crossover between football and fashion grows globally and with football shirts still very much in their infancy, we’re excited to see where these concepts take us in the future.

Getting athletes ready for this summer's tournament, PUMA has linked with British retail giant LIBERTY, to launch limited-edition versions of the Future 1.4 and Ultra Ultimate Boots, both of which have been designed specifically for women-specific fits.  

That’s all for this month.

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