The Hellenic League of Champions: The largest-ever collection of historical concept shirts


Icarus Football has released its largest-ever collection of historical concept shirts: The Hellenic League of Champions.

Following the success of one-off historical jerseys such as FC Stroitel Pripyat and the subsequent release of the 'Mesopotamian League', Icarus has gone even bigger for its take on the football scene in Ancient Greece with 24 totally new shirts. Icarus has also published a complete matchday program with profiles of all the teams competing as well as a story of the road to the hypothetical League of Champions final.

The concept behind the Hellenic League of Champions is simple: as the 'Champions League' of its day, it played host to the top teams from the various regional leagues in Ancient Greece, from Ares Sparta to Helios Rhodes to Real Midas and beyond. As such, the HLC was the venue for some of the biggest games in history, including the most recent final, the 'Trojan War' between Mycenae and Troy City.

The jerseys all nod to the historical or cultural touchstones of a team's region, providing history buffs with plenty of easter eggs to find. For those whose historical interest starts at the advent of the beautiful game, there are more than enough interesting and tasteful kit designs on show to keep you satiated. There's also something for everyone in the matchday program, which is the most elaborate publication Icarus has ever produced, with 24 team profiles and even a crossword in there. They're as full of niche football callbacks as they are with references that'll make any classics professor nod their head.

All shirts are available now for purchase on the website.

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