Reliving the legacy of the adidas Predator with the new Archive Pack


adidas launches the Archive Pack – going back in time to unlock the legacy of an iron: the Predator precision and its history-making accuracy.

Ask any kid who grew up in the 90s what their favourite boots are and no doubt you’ll hear Predators being mentioned more than once. In the boot noted for its characteristic fold-over tongue and blatant style choices, players like Del Piero, Gerrard, Raul, Kaka, and a long list of others were all making waves on the major stage in the original Predators. A boot that was invented in 1994 and is still generating more discussion than any other 30 years later, the Predator will outlive football. 

The new Archive pack is a synthetic reconstruction of the 2000/2001 Predator Precision, providing a seamless fusion between foot and boot for a cushioned control of the ball, this new release has been carefully designed to feel like the original iconic boot, but made for today’s fast-paced game. 


The Archive Pack is available to purchase online as of today in very limited numbers at and selected retailers.

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