Art of Football are getting us excited with their latest collection


It was inevitable that our friends at Art of Football would unveil something truly enchanting ahead of the Women's World Cup.

Their latest collection is a treasure trove of nostalgia, featuring the likes of the 'Russo Tee,' the 'Weigman Track Pants,' and the 'Big Kick Energy Jersey,' all inspired by iconic moments from the Lionesses' recent history. In addition to these versatile pieces, such as the 'Gyaldem Did It' scarf and the 'Down Under Jacket,' the line aspires to transform football fan culture into a lifestyle, catering to all those immersed in the World Cup this summer.

The standout item in this collection is the 'Button-Down Under' shirt, a remarkable creation that will evolve as the World Cup progresses. Art of Football will capture the tournament's finest moments in real-time and incorporate them into the shirt's design, starting from a blank canvas at the kickoff and culminating in a must-have piece that epitomises everything Art of Football represents. Once the tournament concludes, a limited run of 150 highly coveted 'Button-Down Under' shirts will be made available for purchase. To provide an inside look into the making of this extraordinary shirt, Art of Football ambassador Debra Nelson will be in Australia, documenting each step of the creation process through live social media updates.

“Nobody captures football fan culture quite like AOF, and I can’t wait to be out in Aus to experience the tournament and to witness that culture first-hand. We’ll be creating a little piece of history with the ‘Button-Down Under’ shirt - not only is it going to look great, but it will serve as a snapshot of all the iconic moments this World Cup is going to give us. I just know the community is going to love it, and hopefully we’ll see some moments of magic from the Lionesses make their way into the design," said Art Of Football ambassador Debra Nelson.

The family-run, fan-led AOF community has been at the forefront of modern fan culture since 2013 and is known for capturing the football’s best moments, quirks and nuances and celebrating them with original merch. The new collection is no different - the ‘110 Tee’ references Chloe Kelly’s famous 110th-minute extra-time winner in the EUROs final, and the Lionesses’ roadmap to bringing the EUROs trophy home is emblazoned on the ‘God Save Our Queens Tee’ - and is yet another example of AOF leading the crowd to celebrate the women’s game and unite the worlds of football and fashion.

The collection is the latest AOF Rework series that follows a recent World Cup collaboration with Nike, which featured garments made from old football scarves that were sold in Nike's London Oxford Street store, as well as lines with Pepsi, Budweiser, Nottingham Forest FC and more. 


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