Union Berlin and adidas have partnered with streetwear label Iriedaily to raise funds for a new skatepark in Berlin


To support sports and youth culture in Berlin, FC Union Berlin and adidas teamed up with Iriedaily, a Berlin-based streetwear brand, to create a limited-edition fourth kit and streetwear collection.

The collection includes a jersey, training jacket, hoodie, and T-shirt, all incorporating Iriedaily's signature 'Crazy Fresh' design with the words 'Daily Eisern Irie Union' subtly repeated to create an almost striped effect, inspired by the club's current home kit.

The jersey features 'Mellowpark' in bold red lettering instead of the club's usual shirt sponsor, as a nod to the collection's broader goal of raising funds for a new skatepark in the Köpenick district of Berlin. 

Christian Arbeit, the managing director of communications at FC Union Berlin, highlighted the natural connection between the club and the skate plaza, as many Unioners grew up on the terraces at the Alte Försterei and next door at Mellowpark.

The 'Irie Union' jersey debuted at FC Unions Berlin’s home match against Bayer Leverkusen, and again on Annual Women's Football Day on May 1st. 

The proceeds from the collection's sales will be used to create a safe space for young people to access skating in Mellowpark, the city's cultural hub.

The collection is currently available for purchase through Union Berlin's online store.

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