Tom Williams takes us on the tour of Arsenal

Tom Williams



We're on a quest to explore everything that a football fan would enjoy on game day. For this guide in the 'Home Days' series, we got an Arsenal fan, and resident PENALTY staffer, to show us what’s good around the local area.

Arsenal Cafe

Simple but effective. The most elite greasy spoon in the area, and one etched in Arsenal history. The perfect place to scran before those midday kick offs.

The Tollington

The Tolly. Although the décor is unapologetically noughties in its blandness, the people that make up the establishment are anything but. A frequent haunt of Ray Parlour, you will only find the biggest and best Arsenal fans in here. An incredible location comes to life with some of the best bar staff in North London and more screens than you can shake a stick at.

The Gunners

After being closed for a while, The Gunners is officially back in full swing. Deceptively large with black out blinds, you really are transported into its own AFC universe inside. Come for the Arsenal paraphernalia covering every corner of the bar, stay for the mysterious Gunners lager…

X’ian Impression

Affectionately named Xianny by many, this Chinese joint specialises in Shan Xi street food. Most notably, their pork or beef burgers with chef’s special sauce. An absolute banger before a game, especially before an exciting Champions League night. The burger is entry level, but real Xianny experts know the black fungus is the true star on the menu.


You’ll smell it before you see it, but those lucky enough to be walking down Gillespie Road to The Emirates (me) will instantly salivate when the scent of Tastebox’s smoker reaches your nostrils. No frills Jamaican food executed perfectly, definitely worth a pilgrimage to Gillespie Road before or after a big game.

The Plimsoll

Previously known as The Auld Triangle, which was a perfect little boozer before it closed, The Plimsoll carries on its legacy with aplomb. Now home to Four Legs, a trendsetting small plates chef duo, the pub maintains its charm whilst also slinging out some immaculate dishes. Those not in the mood for punchy flavour pairings can chew on the Dexter burger, one of the best burgers in London hands down and one of the only menu items that never changes. Their fried new potatoes are also worthy of a shout out.

El Rincon

A family run eatery with an expansive menu that transcends South America and Europe. Immaculate vibes and a lovely spot to settle down in if you’ve got a couple of hours before the match.

Golden Fish Bar

A cash only chippy slightly removed from the hubbub of the stadium, Golden Fish bar sits proudly on the corner of two typically North London looking streets and dishes out some quality fish and chips. Not much better than lingering outside the gaff in the sun after a win with a box of chips, watching the trickle of Arsenal fans plod out of the stadium.

Hot Dog Stand

Pick any of them, they are all banging. Find out why PENALTY love them so much here.

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