The club that everybody can afford to support: Portobello Football Club


London-based Portobello FC have launched their 2023/24 kit with the intention of it being affordable for everyone.

It's undeniable that the cost of enjoying football has skyrocketed. The idea of closely following a football team in the English football leagues has become a luxury that many can't afford. Even supporting your favourite team by owning their jersey has become a luxury that many are forced to forgo season after season. It's a significant disappointment, but it has given rise to grassroots football, a movement we can all get behind.

What's truly beautiful about grassroots football is that people who hold regular jobs during the week come together on weekends, not only to showcase their passion on the pitch but also to contribute their unique talents to the club. Do we have a doctor in the house? Yes, please! An artist? Absolutely! Somebody who enjoys making TikToks? Perfect! Not only are the grassroots clubs full of interesting people who make up teams and have completely separate lives outside of football, but they are seemingly becoming the most creative clubs - removing themselves from the standarised templates of football shirts and marketing campaigns that flood the professional game.

Founded in 2022, Portobello FC is a hyper-local football club proudly representing the renowned Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London. Over the past few years, The Peacocks have unveiled various jerseys that have captured our attention. Portobello FC's hands-on approach to fashion allows the club to maintain complete creative control, unburdened by uninspired template designs from mainstream sportswear brands. By producing their jerseys independently and selling them directly to fans, Portobello FC can offer these jerseys at a much more affordable price. “Our vision is to become the ‘Venezia of English football’. We want to cross fashion, music, art, and culture with the beautiful game and build something that is fundamentally different," says Calum Opere-Hoyal, founder of Portobello FC.

Their latest kit launch is the 23/24 home and away jerseys that they will be rocking at games over the next season. With creativity as the driving force behind the club, the home jersey is a playful reinterpretation of the iconic Dutch 1988 jersey famously worn by legends like Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten, and Frank Rijkaard, but in a vibrant pink hue. As for the away jersey, Portobello FC has embraced the blue and white colours of West London, merging the heritage of Loftus Road with the creative spirit of Portobello Road. Both jerseys are not only perfect for the pitch but also stylish enough for the streets. 


Pre-order your Portobello FC shirt here.

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