Soccertes: The rise of football in the USA


In the landscape of football history in the United States, the 1970s marked a pivotal era with the rise of the North American Soccer League (NASL), the emergence of the New York Cosmos, and the pioneering spirit of Clive Toye. A visionary hailing from England, Toye set foot in the US with the dream of bringing professional football to American soil. Little did he know that his legacy would not only shape the future of the sport but also inspire a modern-day venture—Soccertes.

Founded by Cameron Jones,  the grandson of Clive Toye, Soccertes is more than a design venture, it as Jones describes; a testament to dreams, creation and connection. Searching through his grandfather’s storage it became clear that he had unearthed a smiling ball; he had found an opportunity to revive a familiar legacy and tell a compelling story.

“The heart of Soccertes beats with the values of family, passion, beauty (the beautiful game), love, creativity, and imagination. It encapsulates the journey of bringing an idea to life and emphasises that anyone, regardless of their background, can turn their dreams into reality,” says Jones. 

The NY-based brand channels its creative energy primarily through fashion, using luxury techniques and practices to tell stories through ready-to-wear collections and pieces. Sport serves as the launching pad for the journey, leaving room for all elements that make the world of Soccertes spin—design, sport, luxury, music, art, and fashion.

The current collection from Soccertes delves into the history of the New York Cosmos, paying homage to Jones’ family and highlighting the city that made it all possible—New York. The 1970s were a transformative period for football in America, marked by the arrival of Pele, the greatest player in the world, and the exponential growth of NASL. Clive Toye's dream of establishing professional soccer in the U.S. gained traction, and by 1971, NASL had become a pro league, thanks to the passion and dedication of individuals like Toye.

Pele's presence in New York catapulted the Cosmos into the global spotlight, transforming games from intimate gatherings at Randall's Island to grand spectacles at Giants Stadium, drawing crowds of up to 70,000. Cosmos Country was born—a community excited to support a club deeply connected to their hearts. The passion that fueled Cosmos Country not only shaped the football landscape in America but also served as an inspiration for generations to come.


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Photography: Oliver Halfin

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