Borussia Dortmund unveil fan-designed away kit for the 2023/24 season


In a celebration of 'Echte Liebe,' meaning 'true love,' in German, PUMA and Borussia Dortmund have joined forces to introduce a fan-designed away kit for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

With an overwhelming influx of more than 15,000 design submissions for this season's home kit, PUMA and BVB have decided to once again honour the remarkable creativity and passion of their fans by showcasing a fan-designed kit for the away games.

The black jersey features an all-over grey print pattern, which intricately depicts an aerial view of the historic Borsigplatz square, the very place where BVB was founded back in 1909. This design not only pays tribute to the club's birthplace but also encapsulates the essence of Dortmund's rich footballing heritage. The finishing touches on the jersey include a classic black round collar with yellow sleeve cuffs and trims, a nod to the iconic black and yellow heritage.

Marco Mueller, PUMA's Senior Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Apparel, expressed his excitement, saying, "we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of fan submissions, which prompted us to revive this initiative for the Away kit. The chosen design is a profound homage to Borsigplatz and serves as a constant reminder of Dortmund's footballing legacy."

Carsten Cramer, Borussia Dortmund's Managing Director, added, "we received numerous outstanding kit designs from our fans, but one in particular truly stood out and captured the jury's enthusiasm. We felt that this black design was a natural choice to inspire our away jersey, and we are delighted with the final outcome."

To mark the launch of the new away kit, PUMA and BVB collaborated with the local social initiative Nordstadtliga Dortmund to host a special street football tournament in the heart of the city, near Borsigplatz. The event culminated with the unveiling of the Away kit during the final game of the tournament.

Nordstadtliga Dortmund is a unique social project situated in Nordstadt, a district historically linked to BVB in Dortmund. Just two kilometres from the birthplace of BVB, Borsigplatz serves as the venue for the street football league and stands as a remarkable initiative that fosters the integration of young people from diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds into the world of sports. Since 2020, Nordstadtliga has also been a flagship project of BVB's 'leuchte auf' foundation.

The fan designed kit is available now at PUMA stores, and the BVB store.

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