adidas launch CHAMPION THE GIRLS campaign aimed at providing a dedicated space for young girls to experience football


Today, adidas has introduced a new initiative called CHAMPION THE GIRLS. This initiative aims to provide a dedicated space for young girls to experience the excitement of watching the UEFA Women's Champion League. By reserving a block of seats for young girls and their role models, adidas hopes to create lifelong connections to the sport and ignite a passion for women's football in the next generation.

With the upcoming UWCL final and the growing enthusiasm for women's football in recent years, adidas recognises the importance of building a connection to the sport among young girls. Unfortunately, the percentage of girls that give up playing the game in comparison to boys is a stark contrast. Therefore adidas seeks to inspire the emerging generation and promote equity in the future of the game.

Gonzalo Calvo, Global Director of Brand Communication, Communities and Culture at adidas said: “By making steps now to inspire the next generation of women and girls, we can help cement the building blocks for better equity in the future of the game. Love and passion for football, and sport, often starts from witnessing the magic created by the biggest players, under the lights at those special venues. It also starts from having role models encouraging and supporting their football journey – from the very first kick of a ball, to an appearance on-pitch.

“By opening up this invitation to future young fans, maybe we’ve saved a seat for the future Russos and Miedemas of the world, who’s connection to the game was born from that special night in Eindhoven.”

This announcement by adidas is part of their long-term commitment to promoting equality in football. They understand that fair play is not yet accessible to everyone, and they actively collaborate with fellow changemakers to enable access, equity, and safety for all individuals interested in playing the sport.

In addition to CHAMPION THE GIRLS, adidas will contribute 1% of the net sales from the UWCL Pro-Ball Eindhoven to the Common Goal movement. This contribution aims to increase participation, representation, and leadership opportunities for women and girls in grassroots football.

To support the launch of CHAMPION THE GIRLS, adidas has created striking campaign images featuring their top athletes alongside their loved ones. These images celebrate the influential role that parents and role models play in shaping the next generation of players and fans.

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