Walthamstow FC team up with Admiral Sports and the William Morris Gallery for the 23/24 season


Walthamstow FC introduce their highly anticipated 23/24 Home & Away kit for the coming season.

A highly unique collaboration between Admiral Sports and The William Morris Gallery has set a new standard in North London. The kit draws inspiration from the renowned Arts & Crafts movement, infusing the legendary patterns with a modern twist to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Adorned with Morris' iconic 1892 Yare textile pattern, the home strip has been ingeniously adapted to match Walthamstow's club colours, while the away kit and warm-up tracksuit feature the authentic hues of the original design. Embracing the tradition of partnering with local artisans, Walthamstow FC's close proximity to the William Morris Gallery allowed them to elevate the kits into true art pieces. A heartfelt tribute to the area, the campaign was lovingly shot in Walthamstow, showcasing a cast of local models in their beloved haunts, beautifully captured on film by a photographer from the community.

Not only does the collection celebrate the heritage of the area, but it also fosters a sense of unity and support. Proudly sponsored by local brewery and longstanding club affiliate, Exale, as well as charitable initiatives Wood Street Walls and No Space for Hate, the collaboration signifies Walthamstow FC's commitment to its community. Taking it a step further, the partnership between Walthamstow FC and Wood Street Walls will allocate a percentage of the collection's proceeds to establish a new women's football team for the borough, nurturing the next chapter of the club's development.

The much-anticipated Admiral Sports x Walthamstow FC x William Morris Gallery is available in the William Morris Gallery shops and their online store. Ever bought a football kit from an art gallery before? No, us neither. 

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