PLACES+FACES unveil their latest collection inspired by Brazil


PLACES+FACES unveil their latest collection, drawing inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere found on the beaches of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.

Set to be released on Friday, the London-based brand has incorporated elements from the Brazilian national team, showcasing the Seleção logo on their tees and hoodies. The collection's colour palette pays homage to Brazil's flag and the iconic uniforms of the verdeoro national team, with a nod to the classic kits of the 1980s and 1990s. While the collection exudes a vintage style, it also includes modern touches such as the blue sweatshirt, tank tops, and T-shirts featuring the Brazilian national team's latest crest, designed by Dalton Maag studio and unveiled in 2020.

A captivating aspect of this collection lies in its logo, where the initials of the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) are replaced with P+F, representing the brand's logo. This logo is prominently featured on the hoodie, reminiscent of the iconic Home jersey worn during the 1994 World Cup. With the revival of the Brazilcore trend, this collection solidifies its place as a must-have for the upcoming summer season.

The collection will be available from Friday 12th May on the PLACES+FACES website.

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