PENALTY loves Slam Jam x Umbro’s "Penalty Culture

Tom Williams



Not a lot of sportswear brands can boast the hold on British culture that Umbro do.

Now Umbro joins Slam Jam in a “streets won’t forget” marriage that celebrates the UK and Italy’s relationship. This encompasses football, sports, and the style that was born from here.

Umbro was founded in the 1920s in Cheshire and is based in Manchester, whereas Slam Jam was created by Luca Benini in the 80s. Slam Jam has a formidable rep as a collaborative powerhouse known for getting its references consistently on point, such as their work with Levi’s and AC Milan.

Despite a chronological difference, the two are timestamped by similar cultural shifts. Themes of terrace culture - indebted to both countries’ love for football – are on stunning display in Slam Jam x Umbro.

Exclusively dropping in the Italian market, the collaboration focuses on “Penalty Culture,” acknowledging professional sportsmanship and that not every game can be whole-heartedly “good”.

Slam Jam and Umbro have trundled through the archives for inspo to print football jerseys in palettes of red, cream, and black with “Penalty Culture” emblazoned on the front, sitting alongside a lovely little P.C. crest badge and Umbro branding. The same statement is incorporated into a jacket that sees its body printed with a black-and-white photograph of young football players huddling to talk tactics, which also appears on the rear of a tee too.

Elsewhere, football scarves incorporate an intarsia knit green-and-white design using the “Penalty Culture” motif, while jester hats also make an appearance in a nod to the troubling nature of football culture in the 80s and 90s.

Matchday essentials like a trench coat, pullover jackets, shorts and sweaters come in sizes and cuts for all, while the addition of Umbro-branded jeans goes to show Slam Jam’s ability to pull on references and make them applicable in the current day.

Speaking on the collaboration, Benini said: “We are very happy about the partnership with Umbro. We have got the opportunity to dive into an incredible heritage of football culture to celebrate, and develop further our dialogue with our communities.” Adding to this, Pino Magno, CEO of Umbro Italy said, “We are excited to announce the partnership with Slam Jam, pioneering the global street culture since 1989. ‘Penalty Culture’ is a collection that draws inspiration from Umbro’s extensive and valuable archive, revisited by a forward-thinking partner like Slam Jam.”


Slam Jam’s Umbro collaboration can be found in-store and online now.

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