Nike and AMBUSH unveil a collection that amplifies sport, style and self-expression


Nike and AMBUSH have unveiled an exciting new collection that is set to launch next week. This unique collection embraces and celebrates individuality and diversity within the realm of football.

The collaboration brings a fresh, nightlife-inspired, and style-first approach to sportswear and footwear. Among the standout pieces are a unisex jersey top, the Nike x AMBUSH Air More Uptempo Low, and a striking silver football, all designed to capture the essence of self-expression both on and off the pitch.

Notably, the collection goes beyond the typical boundaries of gender, inviting a broader audience to experience and celebrate the world of football. It encourages inclusivity and highlights the power of personal style, beliefs, and identity through fashion.

Yoon Ahn, the talented designer behind AMBUSH and a Nike collaborator, shared her thoughts on the collection: "Fashion is an incredibly powerful form of self-expression — it can be used to express identity, beliefs, and personal style. This collection has diverse elements that you can dress up and down to express masculine and femme energy through the eye of sport, and I’m excited to see how people will create their own unique style interpretations with the pieces."

The unisex jersey top reimagines the classic football jersey through AMUSH's nightlife-inspired lens, giving it a distinctive and bold look. The Nike x AMBUSH Air More Uptempo Low adds a touch of subversiveness, making it suitable for both the sports stadium and the dancefloor of a club. Meanwhile, the metallic-silver football presents a fresh take on the traditional football silhouette with its eye-catching colourway and durable design.

The Nike x AMBUSH collection aims to transcend the boundaries of sports apparel, emphasising fashion, self-expression, and the spirit of community. It's an inclusive celebration of diversity that aims to inspire individuals to embrace their unique styles while staying connected to the world of football.


The collection is available on August 4th on AMBUSH, SNKRS and at select Nike retail stores.

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