Nicoló Pirlo launches his new football brand, Ventidue


Ventidue, the brainchild of Nicoló Pirlo, is a brand that seeks to infuse football-inspired elements into the wardrobes of both avid football fans and those less acquainted with the sport.

This new football and streetwear brand represents Nicoló Pirlo's growing passion for fashion, design, and football, which has become an integral part of his life. The brand's name, "Ventidue," translates to "twenty-two" in English and pays homage to Nicoló's father, the legendary Andrea Pirlo, who wore the number 21 shirt throughout his illustrious career. Ventidue symbolises Nicoló's journey as he follows in his father's footsteps and goes one step further, claiming the number 22 as his own. 

The inaugural collection features two distinctive kits, offering both home and away options with vibrant red, blue, and white graphics. These kits are part of the brand's "Bloke Core" collection and bear their own club emblem and sponsor. The Ventidue brand name is creatively incorporated into the kits in various fonts and sizes.

To introduce the brand, Nicoló Pirlo has enlisted the support of his father, Andrea Pirlo, who features prominently in the brand's initial launch campaign. Additionally, the official imagery is complemented by an introductory video from renowned football journalist Fabrizio Romano, who enthusiastically confirmed the launch of Ventidue with a resounding "Here We Go."

For those interested, you can explore the first collection from Nicoló Pirlo's Ventidue on the brand's official website, where it is now available for purchase.

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