Lyle & Scott are supporting grassroots football witha new initiative: 'Kits for Clubs'


After successfully teaming up with Lewes FC earlier this year, Lyle & Scott are back and this time they are embarking on their largest campaign ever with a global initiative that supports grassroots football.

The brand is introducing 'Kits for Clubs,' a program that pays homage to its historical ties to football by providing free, customised football kits to amateur teams and small clubs worldwide.

The disparity in funding between grassroots and elite football has been steadily growing, especially amid a global financial crisis, where we are on the verge of witnessing the first transfer fee exceeding £200 million. As commercial revenue in the top echelons of the game reaches astronomical levels, Lyle & Scott have recognised that the efforts and dedication of the heroes of amateur football often go unappreciated and overlooked. Small local communities are left with no choice but to contribute their hard-earned income to sustain their clubs due to the shameful lack of funding that trickles down to grassroots football. Leveraging their relationship with football and capitalising on their status as a fashion brand, Lyle & Scott aims to support struggling teams facing financial hardships by eliminating the cost of new kits.

Clubs will have the opportunity to apply for their new football kits through a simple online process by filling out a short form that tells the story of their club. Any club, regardless of whether they play 5, 7, or 11-a-side, freestylers, pub teams, or mid-week footballers, is encouraged to apply for complimentary football kits, relieving them of a significant expense for the upcoming season. An expert panel will review all applications individually before deciding which teams will receive the free Lyle & Scott football kits.

The kits, designed in-house and developed using the brand's long-established production processes, pay homage to Lyle & Scott's 150 years of heritage. Combining their expertise in fashion, football, and performance-driven products, the kits embody the brand's commitment to quality. Teams will have the option to choose their preferred kit from a range of shirts.

All kits will be meticulously hand-finished in Hawick, Scotland, the brand's hometown, allowing for customisations such as individual player numbers and club crests. In the case of newly formed teams without a club crest, Lyle & Scott will go the extra mile and collaborate with the club to design one, helping them establish their own proud identity.

Commenting on the launch of 'Kits for Clubs,' Ben Gunn, Brand & Marketing Director at Lyle & Scott, expressed his pride in this initiative and acknowledged the challenging nature of funding and support at the grassroots level. “Our new ‘Kits for Clubs’ initiative will take some of the financial barriers away from grassroots football by offering to supply free football kits to amateur teams globally. Football shirts are a powerful thing and being fortunate enough to play and enjoy watching football throughout my life I associate important life lessons and memories with different football kits.”  

As a brand with 149 years of history, Lyle & Scott recognises the universal language of football and its significant role. The iconic Golden Eagle emblem of Lyle & Scott, known worldwide, resonates with fans from the stands to the pitch and will soon be a prominent figure on pitches near you. 


Applications for kits can be submitted through the brand's dedicated website.

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