David Alaba and adidas Create Community Cage Pitch in Vienna

Tom Williams



David Alaba has teamed up with adidas to open up a community cage pitch in his hometown of Vienna.

In a genuine effort to give back to his hometown, along with the adidas Football Collective, David attended the opening of the pitch and even had a kickabout with locals. The aim was to give children in Vienna a safe place to play and flourish as the next generation of Austrian ballers. adidas’ football collective is the brand’s community umbrella of adidas football – with the belief that through sports, we have the power to change lives.

The wall boasts a kid-friendly, comic book-y mural, journeying the youngsters through David’s career in quick succession, from left to right. Starting off in Vienna, Alaba has risen up the ranks to become one of the most decorated defenders in football in his stints at Munich and Madrid and becoming captain of his country. A perfect fit for an inspirational wall.

The cage will always be open for everyone – with current plans are being finalised around leagues and tournaments, including Caritas and the Kafig league, a grassroots table with the main intention of strengthening communities while supporting groups of all ethnicities.

It’s great to see a certified star like David Alaba for giving back to his community, and will hopefully inspire more to do the same.

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