Caught On-side: Queen Millz

Jonathan Tomlinson

Caught On-Side


Precociously talented, unrelentingly confident, word is already out on Queen Millz. Born and raised in a town on the outskirts of Leicester her irrepressible energy paved the way for what was to come.

An adventurous mind and enrollment into poetry classes as a child, she was always known for writing stories in an imaginative way. Combine this with parents that are obsessed with music and this is what some would call an expected outcome.

“Both my parents were jungle ravers so drum and bass and jump up was constantly booming the house. With my mum I’d listen to sweet old school R&B, like Rihanna, Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Chris Brown, Jagged Edge. With my pops it was old school hip hop, the likes of Snoop, 50 Cent, XZibit, as well as Reggae with artists like Beanie Man, Elephant Man, Gregory Isaacs. And I can’t forget Ska and Madness - pops was a real rude boi.” says Millz.

Influenced by both parents in the form of music, it was her dad that informed her love for football. Trained as a qualified referee and a youth worker before he started teaching, football has forever been at the forefront of his working career. A Liverpool fan who’s very proud of the reds, it was the only team Millz ever dreamt about following. 

A remix of the recent Packs & Potions by Hazey saw Millz display a plethora of Liverpool shirts which grabbed the attention of music and football fans alike. Although she explains that her music isn’t inspired by football specifically, it’s played a huge part in her upbringing and as Millz rightly says “having your tunes on FIFA is always a goal of an upcoming artist who’s interested in football.”

As we’re all aware, football and music are more tightly linked than ever before. Rappers are writing about footballers and footballers are listening to their music as they train. Every team has a song that they blast around their dressing room before the game and every artist wants that to be theirs. Millz is just one of the writers who hopes that it’s her tracks that the footballers get wind of in the near future.

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Photography: Jonathan Tomlinson

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